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LIMITED EDITION - BB Sports: Roxy Black & White Surfer Hat

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For the skater, surfer, or boater on your list - this Foxy black performace surfing hat looks rad, but also floats and is wind-proof. Foam and mesh hat dries quickly, holds shape after endless dunks, and looks great!

Warning - Limited Edition hats sell out quickly!


The World's Only Wind-Proof Hat!

A perfect fusion of performance and design that leaves the competition in your wake

  • Withstands Winds up to 60mph (52kn)
  • Blocks the Sun and Rain
  • Durable All-Weather Materials
  • Patent Pending Performance Engineered Design
  • Brim Made and Assembled in the USA

Brim and Cap Specs

  • Cap Portion is Low-Profile, Semi-Structured, Mesh Back w/ Foam Front
    • Classic Adjustable Plastic Closure
  • Brim Made from High-Tech Rubber Polymer Material
    • Rugged yet Flexible, Never Degrades from Sun or Salt Water

Never Worry About Your Hat Again!