Boat Brim is seeking a strategic partner for the right to manufacture and sell our patented, high-performance technology in the U.S., the largest boating and outdoors market in the world.

Proven Technology and Demand

Boat Brim is the only hat technology proven to fit the needs of high-performance outdoor sports enthusiasts. It is the perfect element of tech-driven differentiation for your product or brand, helping to attract new customers and build loyalty. We've sold thousands of our first-generation hats to retail customers in our short existence as a company, primarily through word of mouth.

The engineering and design has been rigorously tested under the most extreme real-world circumstances. Boat Brims can be manufactured and assembled in the U.S. or overseas at a low cost using standard injection molding technology. We have our own CAD and mold templates to share, but are happy to work with your team to enable a range of in-house customization.

IP Protection

We also worked with a top IP law firm to secure excellent intellectual property protection, to guarantee your exclusive rights to manufacture and sell the technology. 1 Utility Patent with broad claims protection, and 1 Design Patent with two renderings form the core of your protection, as the licensor. See below for more details (coming soon).

Next Steps

Since our founding in 2017, our mission was to design and build the best product, test its feasibility with different markets and demographics, and attain IP protection. With the granting of two patents in 2019, we have achieved all our early goals and are now turning our focus to wholesale markets. This is your chance to ride the wave and make a big splash with Boat Brim technology.

Send an email to info@boatbrim.com or fill out the form below to register your interest.

Additional Information

Utility Patent

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Design Patent

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Trademark 1


Trademark 2



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