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2 Patents Awarded to Boat Brim in 2019

Boat Brim was awarded two U.S. patents in 2019! This makes it official: Boat Brim is the only patented windproof hat technology proven to fit the needs of high-performance outdoor sports enthusiasts. 

IP Protection

We worked hard to secure excellent intellectual property protection, which guarantees that you are wearing the most cutting-edge hat on the market, capable of speeds up to 60+mph! [Utility PatentDesign Patent]

Customers Love Boat Brim

We've sold thousands of first-generation hats to retail customers in our short existence as a company, largely through word of mouth. We recently surveyed our customers about their experience with Boat Brim, and the results speak for themselves: 95% have a positive reaction to Boat Brim, and 98% are likely to use Boat Brim instead of another hat when engaged in outdoor activities such as boating.


Next Steps & Licensing

Since Boat Brim's founding in 2017, our mission was to design and build the best product, test its feasibility with different weather conditions and demographics, and obtain strong IP protection. With the granting of two patents in 2019, we have achieved all our early goals and are now turning our focus to wholesale markets.

This is your chance to ride the wave and make a big splash with Boat Brim. Visit our wholesale page to learn more about licensing opportunities, with exclusive rights to manufacture and sell Boat Brim technology. A Utility Patent with broad claims protection, and a Design Patent with multiple renderings form the core of your protection, as the licensee.